Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pillars and Votives Coming Back Soon!

I've got some good news! 

For a while I was offering customizable pillar candles in difference sizes as well as votives.  These were very popular for a while but then it became impossible to find the soy pillar wax.  You have to use a different type of wax for pillars than for containers.  The container wax is too soft.  For a while the soy pillar wax just disappeared.  I still haven't found out why or what happened that caused the manufacturer to suddenly discontinue this product.  

However... new soy pillar wax is now available and I'm so excited.  Finally...  Its been thoroughly tested by the supplier and they give the thumbs up.  I trust them because they always provide quality stuff so I've ordered some.  I'm going to begin testing this new wax with my molds here soon.  If all goes well, which I believe it will I'll begin offering the custom made pillars and votives once again.  Stay tuned for updates.