From There to Here

I've always had an appreciation for pretty things and things that smell nice. I think most girls do. As I got older I began to have an appreciation for making my own as well. I've always had a "Do it Myself" attitude anyway. My mother was very creative. She was a fantastic painter and seamstress and as I got older I came to have more of an appreciation for her creativity and talent.

After two kids and a failed marriage I went back to school and studied to be a Systems Administrator. After around 20 years in Information Technology, I lost my job. I did everything that was expected of me, was told I did a great job and was a valued employee but they had to cut costs. It was devastating.

Well, I could either wallow in self pity or I could do something. I now see this life changing devastation more as a blessing in disguise. I began to get more into gardening, herbalism and natural remedies and learned how to make candles. Eventually, I researched and taught myself how to make soap. Ever since I was a kid I suffered from eczema and between this, having new grandbabies and my mother being diagnosed with cancer and having skin issues I wanted to make soap that was good for your skin and gentle. Something that we all could use and enjoy.

Eventually I branched out into jewelry as well and now I'm also making lip balms and tie-dye. I've always loved jewelry. Its in my blood. My great-grandfather was a jeweler and a clock maker. I've found a profound sense of accomplishment as well as joy in making beautiful yet useful things. I seem to be gravitating more toward customization here lately online. Want a quality handmade soy candle in a certain scent? Want a certain type, size, color? No problem. Want a particular scent in a beautiful reed diffuser? Want a custom Tree of Life pendant? Sure. Feel free to ask. I'm all about options.

I make things that I like, things that I hope others will like as well. I get inspiration anywhere and everywhere.

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