From There to Here

I've always had an appreciation for pretty things and things that smell nice.  As I got older I began to have an appreciation for making my own as well.  I've always had a "Do it Myself" attitude anyway. My mother was very creative.  She was a fantastic singer, painter and seamstress and as I got older I came to have more of an appreciation for her creativity and talent.

After two kids and a divorce I went back to school and studied to be a Systems Administrator. After around 20 years in Information Technology, I lost my job when the economy crashed.  I was told I did a great job and was a valuable employee but they had to cut costs.  It was devastating.  Well, I could either wallow in self pity or I could do something.  I now see this possible disaster as more of a blessing in disguise. I began to learn about gardening, using herbs and natural remedies and learned how to make candles.  Eventually, I researched and taught myself how to make soap.  Melt and pour at first, then hot process and now I make cold process.  Ever since I was a kid I suffered from eczema and between this, having new grandbabies with sensitive skin and my mother being diagnosed with cancer and having skin issues I wanted to make soap that was gentle and good for your skin. Something that we all could use and enjoy.

Eventually I branched out into jewelry as well and now I'm also making lip balms and tie-dye.  I've always loved jewelry.  Its in my blood.  My great-grandfather was a jeweler and a clock maker.  I've found a profound sense of accomplishment as well as joy in making beautiful yet useful things.  I specialize in custom orders online.  Want a quality handmade soy candle in a certain scent?  Want a certain type, size, color?  No problem.  Want a particular scent in a beautiful reed diffuser?  Want a custom Tree of Life pendant?  Sure.  Feel free to ask.  I'm all about options.

I have around 183 different scents available, 158 are compatible with reed diffusers.  I'm working on providing more information on the available scents.  They're all listed in item descriptions that are customizable but you might have to scroll down to see it.  I use pthalate-free and DPG-free scent oils and I can provide a MSDS sheet upon request.  
There's alot to choose from so if you can't decide, I also offer 5 sample sticks for $1.25 with free shipping.  Look through the "Customizable & Pick A Scent" section in my shop to see available options.  

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