I recently sold out of my Bacon Soap but fear not, I'm hoping to make more ASAP.  Due to some unforeseen family medical issues its been a challenge to find time to make things.  However, I have plans to make a new soap with Hibiscus and Rose Hips.  I'm considering using this in my Coconut soap.  Maybe with Dead Sea salt... or without.  Maybe with the Island Hibiscus scent.  I'm still thinking of ideas.  I'm thinking something tropical.  Hopefully I can get to this before summer is over.  Anyway, if you're a fan of my soap stay tuned.  More is coming as soon as I can make it.  I still have some other varieties still available including my Lavender Chamomile Castille and my Dragon Goat which has real Dragons Blood sap resin, crushed juniper berries and goats milk from my own goats.  That one is probably my best seller and is hugely popular with men and women alike.  Its one of my favorites as well.  

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