I just got in a shipment of new 1.5 oz mini mason jars.  These are so adorable!  They're real glass mason jars but they're only 1.5 oz and they're just under 3" tall.  They come with gold screw on lids.  

I've also gotten in some XL straight sided tumbler jars.  These will be triple wicked.  These are 3.63" tall with a 4" outer diameter.  

The 6oz tureen jars will be discontinued but I've got new 8oz tureen jars to replace them.  The 3oz and 11oz are still available.  Some scents will also be discontinued soon but there are some new ones to replace those as well.  Some of the new scents coming soon are -

Black Cherry Merlot

Cactus Flower and Jade

Fresh Picked Cucumber

Hibiscus Palm

Magnolia and Peony

Strawberry Guava

White Sage and Lavender

Sparkling Grapefruit